How the Use of Affirmation Quotes Shape Our Experiences

“I come from the loving space of my heart and I know that love opens all doors” – Louise L. Hay’s I Can Do It

In today’s world many think of affirmation quotes, like the one above, merely as positive statements made to promote positive thinking about love, health, wealth, and self-confidence.  But, in reality, affirmation quotes are so much more than that!  Reciting affirmation quotes works because you are proclaiming something at a conscious level until your subconscious believes it.

We use the power of affirmations whether we realize it or not.  The true affirmation definition is, “any statement made out loud or in thought whether it be negative or positive.”  Your decisions to proclaim negative or positive thoughts and words affect your actions and dictate the kind of experiences your create.

“We are in a recession.”  This of course is an example of a negative affirmation.  By proclaiming this you have declared your belief about the economy and internalized it by using the word “we.”  Holding this negative frame of mind sends a subliminal message to seek evidence of this statement being true, which will not be difficult.  Many people reading this will automatically think the above quote is a fact that they have no control over, and they will be right! But this will only be true because they choose to focus on lack and they have affirmed that they have no control.  While it is true we cannot control another person’s actions, we do control our own thoughts, feelings, and, in turn, experiences.  Even in today’s economy the world has many people who are not experiencing economic hardship and are increasing their income.

This economic state should be viewed as a time of great opportunity.  As old business models become obsolete, new business models can be created.   There is enormous room for growth.  Why not be one of the people looking for growth opportunities in today’s economy, instead of one focused on hardship? By using an affirmation quote like:

“ We are in a transition of positive growth which is bringing us greater prosperity”

You are retraining yourself to look for evidence of this truth and changing your experiences for the better.  Is it really that simple? The answer is “Yes!” But, using affirmation quotes does take time and commitment.

Another common misconception about affirmation quotes is that you can say them once at the beginning or end of your day and then go about your business as usual.  But, for most of us, it will take more than that to stop negative thinking patterns. We need constant reminders. Negative thinking patterns have become so ingrained in our daily lives that we must say affirmation quotes over and over throughout our day to retrain our thought patterns.  We must learn to catch ourselves and replace negative affirmation quotes with positive affirmation quotes until it becomes second nature and positive experiences become the norm.