“I can’t stand those idiots I work with!” “My boss is a Jerk!” “There aren’t any good jobs out there!” Does this sound familiar?  Whether you realize it or not these are affirmations, but obviously not affirmations for success.  We most often associate the word success with our careers or jobs, and “work” has become a new four letter word for a large percentage of the population.  We all know people or have been in a position in which we found ourselves using negative affirmations like “I hate my job” or  “Unemployment is so high I’ll never find a job!”  And, as crazy as it may sound, it is not the job or job market itself that needs changing , but you that needs to start using some confidence boosters in the form of affirmations for success.

When thinking about success we often want instant manifestation.  In other words, we want to see immediate change for the better. This is natural and a great motivator towards fulfillment of our desire to be successful. With this in mind, it is important to realize that the one thing you have constant access to, and can change the most quickly, is you!  You can do this with affirmations for success.

If you have a job that you feel is beneath your skill level use an affirmation like:

“I am thank for this position which is a stepping stone to my new dream position”

Used as a daily affirmation, this will accomplish several things; it can increase your level of confidence, reduce stress, and create positive motivation.   By being thankful for your current position, you become aware of all that you are learning or have learned while there, making it a more useful/pleasant experience.  By seeing the position as a stepping stone you realize it doesn’t have to be permanent, thereby reducing the stress of feeling stuck. You build confidence and motivation by knowing that this job is preparing you for something better. This is just scratching the surface as far as the benefits.  One of the wonderful things about affirmations for success is that the more often you say them out loud or in thought the more your thinking and experiences change for the better.

If you are having difficulty finding a job you might want to say something like:

“There are limitless opportunities and I am now aware and open to accepting the perfect career for me.”

By saying this you are training your mind to be acutely aware of opportunities that you may have previously let slip through your fingers because you were focused on not being able to find employment.  You haven’t changed the job market by repeating this affirmation, but you have changed you ability to notice a good opportunity and recognize your ideal career.

These are just a few examples of situations and affirmations for success. You should create your own that is specific to your current experience.   When creating an affirmation, it is important to be specific, positive, and to write in the present tense.  For example, say “I am an excellent typist!” instead of “I will be an excellent typist.” Remember, a general statement will produce general results. While a statement written in the future tense will postpone the results, if they ever happen.  The statement must also be positive for everyone since it is you that experiences the outcome.  It is not positive to write an affirmation like:

“I give thanks for the promotion I will get instead of Billy.”

Instead, say:

“I am now open to accepting the job that is perfect for me!  There is enough prosperity for all.”