Here are some free affirmations for you to try.  My good friend always says there is a cost associated with free. Well the only cost of these free affirmations is that you may have to alter them to specifically meet your needs. Okay, there is one more cost of these affirmations and that is you have to put in the work. You must pick one or more techniques for using them and stick to it! That is all.  I sincerely hope you will find these free affirmations for various subjects useful.

Affirmations for Love

“ I Love Myself Unconditionally. I Accept Myself Exactly As I Am.”

“I am now in a loving relationship with the perfect partner”

“I am increasingly aware of the love and joy that surrounds me in each moment.”

“I am beautiful, loved and loving”

“ I only attract healthy intimate relationships”

Affirmations for Prosperity

“I have a positive relationship with money. My source and supply, which is God, is unlimited. My income increases daily.”

“It is my divine right to experience the wealth of life.”

“ I deserve and expect the highest good in each day”

“ I now create abundance in my life and affairs”

“I give thanks for my prosperity today”

Affirmations for Health

“I appreciate and love my body. I enjoy good health because I choose only healthy foods.”

“I take loving care of my mind, body, and spirit. I embrace perfect health.”

“I am a whole, perfect and complete expression of life.  Every part of my body functions perfectly.”

“I enjoy vibrancy and good health now and at every age because I take loving care of my mind, body and spirit.”

“I willingly release all negative, pain causing thinking patterns. I choose to recognize my true radiant self in each moment.”

Affirmations for Work

“I have unique talents to share with the world.  I am appreciated and well paid for my abilities”

“I am thankful for this position which is a stepping stone to my new dream position”

“There are limitless opportunities and I am now aware and open to accepting the perfect career for me.”

“I am now open to accepting the job that is perfect for me!  There is enough prosperity for all.”

“I am good at providing positive feedback to myself and others throughout my workday.”

Affirmations for Self-Confidence

“I express myself with ease.  I feel great about sharing information with others.”

“I value my unique talents.”

“I am a divine expression of God. I am grateful for my life.”

“I have the ability to achieve my dreams”

“Today I take control of my mind and life.  I am free to create my life experiences.”

Affirmations for Peace

“I am one with the natural flow of life.”

“I am at peace with myself and my surroundings. All is well”

“I relax, release, and let go of all stress and fear.”

“I happily release any negative energy from my mind, body, and experiences.”

“I exude inner peace.  I bring this eternal peace with me wherever I go.”