There is an undeniable connection between our emotions and our physical well being.  Healing affirmations should not only address the physical symptoms, but also the emotional distress.   Sometimes it is easy to see the connection and other times it is not so obvious.  You may be one of those people who feel a queasy sensation when you are nervous about speaking in front of a large group of people.  This is common and not hard to figure out. You could use an affirmation like:

“I express myself with ease.  I feel great about sharing information with others.”

All medical problems, everything from a common cold to cancer, can be traced back to some negative incident in our lives that we have internalized. But unfortunately this fact is most often not accounted for in the Western medical philosophy. As a result we are seeing more and more commercials for “quick fix” prescription drugs that don’t even say what they are supposed to cure and not enough help identifying the source of the pain . Since we are the only ones who can truly identify how an event affected us we are the ones who must address the emotional healing element. But some physical ailments aren’t as easy to attach to an emotion too.

Sometimes I lie quietly in bed and meditate, using a forgiveness affirmation, to help bring to my conscious mind any stressful/painful experiences that may be burred in my subconscious.  Of course the goal of using affirmations in the first place is to get to a point where you have eliminated stress, fear, and anger.  You can do this once you have retrained your subconscious to believe all the good things about yourself and the world around you.

I am a work in rapid progress , so I am making constant changes for the better.   I am now able, through practice, to quickly identify erroneous thinking and affirm the opposite about the thought pattern and the physical manifestation.  If you are having challenges identifying the emotion that may be causing or contributing to your discomfort, start with some general healing affirmations like:

“I take loving care of my mind, body, and spirit. I embrace perfect health.”

“I am a whole, perfect and complete expression of life.  Every part of my body functions perfectly.”

One of my favorite authors, Louise L. Hay, has a wonderful book about healing affirmations called Heal Your Body From A-Z. Through studying metaphysical causation she was able to better understand the connection between negative thoughts and problems with body parts.  In this book you can look up specific medical conditions listed in alphabetical order.  Next to the condition there is the emotional thought pattern that is thought to be the cause of the medical condition. Directly across from the ailment and old thought pattern is a possible affirmation to replace the old emotions.  The healing affirmations in her book are invaluable and have been an inspiration for many of the more specific affirmations I have created for myself.

The important thing to remember about healing affirmations is that they are meant to heal from the inside out.  You must address the underlying causes of illness as well as treat the physical symptoms. You could create an affirmation about finding the perfect health care provider to adequately address all of your symptoms, but if you haven’t addressed your emotional well being the discomfort will continue to manifest physically.