Do affirmations work? ABSOLUTELY! Everyone uses affirmations all day everyday. An affirmation is a statement about what you believe to be true. This could be positive or negative. If you make a statement like: “I don’t have any friends,” guess what, not only is it likely that you don’t have many friends now, but by continuing to affirm this you are not going to make any new ones. You have trained yourself to enter into situations that make this statement true. Our words are powerful beyond the credit our society gives them. You create your reality by what you believe. Positive affirmations work by allowing you to change your negative thoughts into positive beliefs.

Making the conscious effort to make affirmations work for you is only the beginning. By saying a positive affirmation over and over you are using your conscious mind to reach the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where all of our deep-seated beliefs are stored. The beliefs held in your subconscious create what you do and what happens to you. So how fast do affirmations work? The answer is the rate at which you can change your beliefs equals the rate at which your experiences will change. This is why it is important to use positive affirmations repetitively. The more you use them throughout your day the more your subconscious will begin to accept them as true.

Unfortunately, the majority of us use more negative affirmations than positive affirmations throughout our day. What many people don’t understand is that the unwanted experiences they are having in their lives can be traced back to a negative belief they have been holding on to. It’s much easier and less critical for us to believe that our problems are due to some outside factor that we think we have no control over. But for positive affirmations to work they need the proper environment. You must accept that you can be in control of your life experiences and take responsibility for your thoughts and words. Don’t allow thoughts to drift in and out, or say words that are negative just because it is second nature. Make the conscious commitment to carefully choose the words and thoughts that will create the life you wish to experience.

Some of our negative beliefs were taught to us as children and some we aren’t even aware of. These can take the most time to change. But it can be done! Often when people say “affirmations don’t work for me” it’s because they don’t realize how many negative words and thoughts they are affirming in between saying a couple of positive affirmations. I suggest using more than one method of using positive affirmations each day. Positive affirmations work for anyone when they dedicate themselves to using them all day to consciously create the life experiences they desire.