“ I Love Myself Unconditionally. I Accept Myself Exactly As I Am.”

Most people reading this are looking for love affirmations to attract the perfect mate, and this is certainly possible. Most people also believe that if they could just meet that special someone their lives will be complete. Phrases like “My husband/wife is my better half” have helped perpetuate the belief that we are made whole through a loving relationship and that relationships begins when we meet and fall in love with another person.  The truth is the most important love relationship is love of self which then attracts a healthy romantic relationship. This is why the quote at the top of the page is one of many love affirmations that can be used to attract a love interest.  After all, why should someone else love and appreciate you if you don’t love and appreciate yourself?

In our society we have been led to believe that loving ourselves too much is selfish and unattractive.  We are also told that we must be self-confident at all times. These two conflicting ideas have produced a large population of people who put on a brave front while secretly feeling hollow and empty inside.  We also believe that by having that “special” person in our lives we will no longer feel empty. But in reality you must fill the emptiness before you can have a healthy romantic relationship. How can love affirmations about myself help me fill the emptiness and attract a healthy relationship, you ask? Let’s explore that very topic!

When asked, “Do you love yourself?” most will say without hesitation, “Yes.”  No one wants to appear to have low self-esteem.  However, most of us are our own worst critics.  We subconsciously carry around unkind beliefs about ourselves that have been instilled in us since childhood.  My mother always told me that my legs were too skinny and I became self-conscious about wearing certain clothing. In the past when people gave me compliments on my legs I would make some kind of unflattering joke about my legs.  Many of us have been living with painful and untrue opinions of ourselves.  You must realize that beauty is subjective and that within each of us lie all of the talents of humankind.  Once you truly accept this you can see that negative opinions about who you are, aren’t true.  We are all beautiful expressions of life.

The most important love affirmations to use to attract more love in your life are the love affirmations that state the opposite of the negative thoughts about yourself that you have been living with in your subconscious.  I suggest you sit quietly with a pad and pen and write down all the painful statements that affected you as a child.  Next, write a positive affirmation to replace it.  For example, a relative may have told you, “You didn’t finish school, you’ll never have a successful career!”    Next to this negative affirmation you could write the following positive affirmation:

“I have unique talents to share with the world.  I am appreciated and well paid for my abilities”

What you may not have realized is that this negative belief about yourself may have led you to enter into or seek relationships with people who reinforced this negative thought pattern.  You can create a new image of yourself and a new reality by repeating love affirmations in thought and out loud several times a day.  Once you truly appreciate yourself you won’t accept or seek relationships with people who don’t appreciate you as you are.

Although you could start by using one of the many love affirmations that don’t focus on you but focus on attracting and keeping the perfect partner like:

“I am now in a loving relationship with the perfect partner”

What you will find, is that until you have filled the emptiness with love of self,  the ”perfect “ partner will be perfect in that they will be the person who best brings to the surface all the negative self images you have not been proactive about changing.