For many many years people have known about using affirmations as way to achieve goals. The subconscious mind is where our deep seated beliefs are stored. Positive affirmations, when used correctly, activate the powerful creativity of the subconscious mind to manifest what you’ve affirmed. This is why so many different types of people across the world, from Oprah to Tony Robbins, have credited using affirmations as contributing to their success. In this day and age technology impacts everything, and the use of affirmations is no exception. Subliminal message software has been shown to amplify the power of affirmations by helping you reach your subconscious mind more quickly, producing dramatic results.

Subliminal Message Software itself is relatively new, but subliminal therapy is not. A subliminal technique known as “whisper therapy” became popular in the early 1900’s. Whisper therapists whispered suggestions in patients ears in order to improve their behavior through subliminal suggestion. In the 1950’s James Vicary, a marketing genius, used subliminal messages to sell refreshments at the movie theater. While the movie was playing, subliminal messages were flashed up so fast that the viewers couldn’t consciously read the words. As a result, sales of refreshments increased dramatically. Clearly, the viewer’s subconscious minds received the messages. This advertising technique was so effective that it was outlawed.

More recently, multiple studies have proven the power of subliminal messaging. Stoebe, Karremans, and Claus of Radbound University’s Department of Social Psychology in the Netherlands exposed subjects to subliminal messages using a computer screen. Research subjects were 69% more likely to choose the item suggested by subliminal messages. In another study, Dr. Bahrami, of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in the UK, used brain scans to monitor whether or not the brain actually recognizes images that the conscious mind has not registered. The study showed that when the conscious mind’s attention is occupied the brain registers other activity subliminally.

Subliminal Message Software uses these same methods. “Invisible” and/or “inaudible” positive affirmations are presented through images, music, or sound on a computer. The positive affirmation messages delivered unnoticed to the viewer enter directly into the subconscious mind. This allows the viewer certain advantages. The software user is receiving positive affirmations at a rate that is not humanly possible through reading. Positive affirmation messages, received at this rate directly to the subconscious, accelerate the positive life changes the user experiences. Another benefit to using the subliminal software is that the user can perform other activities on the computer while receiving the positive affirmations.

NOTE: Subliminal Message Software is not meant to replace the other techniques for using positive affirmations. You still have to be consciously aware of the choice to make life changes. Lots of people make the assumption that subliminal message software can do all the work for you. But, when using the software, the viewer still has the responsibility to imagine the right images, choose the right words in each moment, and believe. The software should be used along with one or more of the traditional positive affirmation exercises. This will increase results by helping to reach the subconscious mind, bypassing the limitations of the conscious mind.