Unlocking the Power of Affirmations Through Visualization Meditation

Using affirmations for visualization meditation is one of the best ways to see results quickly. The main reason people use positive affirmations is because they want to change some unsatisfying part of life as fast as possible. Positive affirmations are most commonly   written out or repeated throughout the day, which can be very effective. But, when used for Visualization Meditation (which uses the imagination), affirmations become much more effective.

People think in words and images.  Even a simple statement like, “I am going to have lunch” conjures up mental pictures. The person making the statement creates a mental image of themselves eating; they then proceed with actions making this vision true.  The same process happens when affirmations are used with visualization meditation. The positive quote gains power and momentum when connected with mental pictures.  Like the “lunch” example, by creating mental images to compliment your affirmations you program your sub-consciousness to be aware of the actions that will make the vision true. The more you increase your awareness, the closer you become to making your affirmations reality.  Remember, all the physical things we see around us started as a thought. The computer you’re reading this on, and the chair you’re sitting in, were all concepts in their maker’s mind before the action was brought forth to build them, and so it is with things you wish to manifest in your life.  You must be able to perceive them in thought, before you can manifest them.  The act of writing positive quotes to help increase positive thinking may seem easy enough, but, when you add in meditation, people are often scared off. But, it’s not as challenging as it may seem.

The first step is to choose or create an affirmation that speaks to you.  By “speaks to you” I mean, it must be personal to your situation and feelings. Visualizing a phrase that doesn’t specifically apply to you will be difficult and unrewarding.  Next, find a quiet comfortable place. The space you choose should be pleasant and somewhere you won’t be interrupted, but not so comfortable that you will fall asleep.  Some people like to have items that smell good, pictures of loved ones, and items that feel good to the touch in their chosen meditation space. I recommend having a notebook and pen handy that is dedicated to your visualization meditations. Next, get into a relaxed seated position. Close your eyes and begin to repeat your positive affirmation over and over in your head. Then, start to think about what the phrase means to you. Next imagine yourself being/ doing/ having the statement. Imagine how you look, feel, sound, and move in vivid detail. If your mind starts to wonder repeat the affirmation over and over until you mentally refocus on your images. Start with about 5 minutes a day.   Work your way up to 10 minutes, then 15.  At the end of each visualization meditation, use your notebook to write down your quote at the top of the page  along with the date. Then, write down all of the important thoughts and images that came to mind. This is important because it will help you analyze your goals, develop more meaningful affirmations, and track the progress of the life changes you are making.