“Wealth Affirmations are for Heathens”

Many of us should closely examine our relationship with wealth!  We have grown up with negative thinking patterns like: “money is the root of all evil,”  “money is hard to come by,” “money doesn’t grow on trees,” etc., etc….  Most of us don’t realize that these are wealth affirmations. These statements shape the speaker’s experiences with wealth.  Often religious speakers send messages to their congregants that being poor is equal to living a righteous life.  They teach that your reward for living with nothing or next to nothing will be in heaven.  If you have been raised with any of these thought patterns, it will take some extra effort for your positive wealth affirmations to overcome them and bring you the results you seek.

When I started using wealth affirmations, I wasn’t even aware of these old thought patterns that existed in my subconscious.  It wasn’t until I really started to explore my own true feelings about money that I was able to create wealth affirmations that truly worked for me.  From childhood, I was taught to believe that it is wrong to want money and that money was extremely hard for women of color to obtain.  So, I had to create wealth affirmations that specifically addressed my negative attitudes about money.  The affirmation I am currently using is:

“I have a positive relationship with money. My source and supply, which is God, is unlimited. My income increases daily.”

I am not afraid to say my old ideas couldn’t be further from the truth!   In fact, it is morally wrong to deny the richness that exists around you.  You are turning a blind eye to the vastness of creation, and choosing to limit your experiences to a narrow one dimensional reality. By holding onto this mentality you are ignoring the abundance of the world we live in.  It’s like not taking time to smell and enjoy the beauty of the flowers.  Ideas of lack and limitation are a myth. There is an abundance of success and wealth for everyone because the source of these things, which is God, is unlimited here and now.

People often confuse “seeking abundance” with “worshiping money.”  Knowing that, as a divine expression of life, you deserve to experience all of the wealth the world has to offer, is not the same as being a greedy person who is willing to hurt themselves or others in a quest for hording money. Money used responsibly, not only can provide you with more comforts in life, but can be used to fund medical research, social programs, and other positive change. Start to view money as a positive tool, and a divine medium. Use wealth affirmations not only to create more wealth in your life but to create positive attitudes about money and wealth for our society as a whole.

“It is my divine right to experience the wealth of life.”