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My name is Maya Kante and I have been an avid student of the Science of Mind philosophy with a specific emphasis on positive affirmations for over 15 years. I started PositiveAffirmationsCenter.com as a free resource for those who are passionate about learning  how to master bringing more love, heath, joy, financial abundance, and peace in to their daily experiences.

Our spoken words and self -talk hold our power to construct our reality. The correct use of positive affirmations can help us to take control of creating the lives of our dreams.

On my website you will find many resources to help you learn the essentials of positive affirmations, from how and why affirmations work, to creating effective affirmations, to different methods of using affirmations, to increasing your achievements dramatically.

Besides many articles, actual affirmations, and visual aids on these topics, I have put together a free step-by-step mini-course. My mini-course will help you get started quickly using and creating affirmations that will positively change your life. It’s designed to teach all of the necessary basics of creating effective affirmations for any subject, the best ways to use them, and how to turn good results into great results!

In my FREE ‘Mini’ Course, You’ll Learn:

  • The #1 most overlooked factor when it comes to using love affirmations that can make a huge impact on how quickly you see results…
  • Why affirmations are such a critical part of living a more happy and fulfilled life…
  • How money affirmations of the past dictate your current financial situation and indicate what you must release or affirm for, thus helping you optimize your affirmations…
  • 4 key rules you must consider when creating positive affirmations, that if not followed will prevent you from manifesting your desired result…
  • Which techniques are most effective and which one isn’t (knowing this will prevent frustration and failure)…
  • The #1 most critical factor in successfully manifesting your new life, and how to prevent “blessing-blocking”…
  • The purpose of the “release” concept, and the vital role it plays in your physical and mental health…
  • How to make sure your affirmations are producing the beauty and awe you wish to see within your life…
  • How to avoid “triggers” (stressful people and environments that work against your affirmations) to create more opportunity for the growth of inner peace …
  • And much, much more!
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